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Sawing a Diamond

Polishing diamonds is an art our polishers have mastered over the years.

One of the key steps is the eventual need to cut the diamond in two pieces - sawing. Years back this was done by hand, and it caused quite a bit of weight loss to the diamond.

Today, a special laser cutting machine is used to saw the diamond and the loss is minimal. Different companies have different techniques when it comes to sawing and it's important to bear in mind that the danger of something going wrong always exists when polishing a diamond and even more so when sawing a diamond. The laser can damage the diamond and reduce the value of the stone, hence the importance of a good and experienced sawer.

In the picture you can see the lines made by our Master Cutter. The are the proposed directions for sawing the diamond, and the diamond manufacturer must calculate the different options and decide which way to go.

A manufacturer's experience is perhaps one of the biggest factors in this decision. Often times the resulting two diamonds will change in color slightly after the sawing, and many diamantaires know which mines can cause that change. So they will decide accordingly.

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