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Rudy started to work by S. Muller 35 years ago, still a youngster in his teens. Following his father's footsteps, who was then also working at the company, Rudy quickly became the a specialist in difficult stones and he had the opportunity to work in the company's most important diamonds.

Today, Rudy is regarded as one of Antwerp's best polishers. The average age of the diamond polisher in Antwerp is over 55, so Rudy is younger than almost all Master Cutters but as experienced.

Rudy is a specialist in the first stage of polishing a diamond, what we called "cross" or 8/8. In this early stage the imagination and improvisation skills of the polisher will make all the difference in the finished diamond, and that's his forte. That skill can be the difference between a VVS2 diamond, or a IF flawless.

Today Rudy is regularly featured in specialized reports and many come to see him in our in-house factory at work.

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