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Diamonds Made in Antwerp

Once a slogan often heard in the jewelry world, Diamonds Made in Antwerp are hard to find today. As the industry became more competitive and more technological, these attribute - the place where the diamond was polished - was pushed to the background. Much is spoken about the diamonds being conflict free, sustainable, but little to no attention is paid to the actual art of polishing the diamond.

Polishing a diamond requires great skill and it can be likened to producing an art painting. The Master Cutter uses his experience to make the very best diamond out of a simple rough stone. The Master Cutter is the very pillar of the diamond industry, but the reality is that few companies cherish and market their work.

S. Muller & Sons is committed to raising awareness about this hidden art and we will be launching a few new marketing initiatives this year to promote it. Stay tuned!

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