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S. Muller & Sons is a boutique diamond manufacturer, and we polish all our diamonds in the heart of Antwerp's historic Diamond District.


Antwerp's most experienced Master Cutters are to be found in our factory, and for over 60 years now, our company has built a name for polishing Hearts & Arrows diamonds in Antwerp. We source conflict-free rough from Antwerp's bourses and auctions, and we proceed to map and plan all stones according to our strict guidelines.


We polish every single Hearts & Arrows diamond in the same exact way - we don't cut corners. Even in commercial cuts, we will not leave naturals or extra-facets in our diamonds and our girdles have a specific number of facets, in order to maximize the beauty of every diamond.


When you buy one of our diamonds, you know where the rough came from, who polished it and you can expect the very best. In fact, we are proud to offer, upon request, Certificates of Origin to our clients with extensive information about every diamond polished by us. 


Click here to learn more about our factory's history and about our special cut EightStar.



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