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Our interview with Rough & Polished Magazine

We had the privilege of being interviewed by Rough & Polished Magazine, an important publication from Russia. Click here for the full interview - Here are some highlights:

Professional diamond cutters sometimes say that a perfect girdle is the very foundation of a well cut stone. What is the equipment you use to achieve this task and many others to produce a true piece of art as it is stated on your website?

This is a manual process that we have perfected over the years. Our polishers are the most experienced in the industry – some have been polishing with us for over 40 years – and we have established our standards that we use in every ideal cut diamond coming out of our factory. For instance, while some cutters try to minimize the amount of facets in the girdle, we always cut the girdles with a specific amount of facets even if that takes more time.

The key is not the equipment but the hands that take care of the diamond. Our Master Cutters are the artists.

In your opinion, what was the most famous Muller diamond ever cut by your company?

A few years ago we invested in a diamond mine in South Africa and that mine brought us a rough diamond of over 100cts, that we polished into a 20ct Round and another 21ct Emerald cut diamond. This was an outstanding rough diamond.

This year we are proud to have added to our stock a new Heart Shape close to 30cts that is also unique: D flawless type IIa, the largest heart shape in the market today.

Having a 60-year-long history in diamond cutting under your belt, do you remember some striking story in the work of your company to share with our readers?

One story that I would like to share is from the time I was learning how to polish diamonds in our factory. As the polisher next to me started to cut a new diamond, this particular stone started to make a loud noise as it was being polished – much more noise than usual. So I asked the polisher “is something wrong? Why is the stone making such sound?” he quickly answered “don’t worry, the diamond is singing”. This simple story, in my opinion, sums up how we look at our work as diamond polishers – craftsmanship, transparency and unwavering quality.

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