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The EightStar

S. Muller & Sons is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing and marketing of the now famous Hearts & Arrows Diamond. 


The Hearts & Arrows diamond is actually a derivative of an innovation coming from Japan, the EightStar. Mr Takanori Tamura, together with a skilled polisher called Mr Higuchi, came up with the idea of polishing diamonds in order to maximize light return. They created the FireScope, a tool that allows the polisher to visually asses the light leakage of a diamond. The rednees in this scope indicates light return, while the white indicates light leakage. Their goal was to find a way of creating a diamond that would look completely red on the FireScope.

After a relentless trial and error process, Mr Tamura and Mr Higuchi realized that while diamond cutting at the time was far from perfect, there was a possibility of developing the perfect cut. They were the pioneers in this quest, as all others wanted to keep the status quo and manufacturers had no incentive to improve their polishing process if clients were happy with what they had.

That's how the EightStar was born - a pioneering diamond cut with maximum light return, appearing completely red in the FireScope. This was done at a time were there were no high tech machines analyzing the diamonds angles and dimensions, and no standard of excellent cut in the market. The EightStar was a feat of human creativity and perseverence.

Mr Tamura saw the EightStar as the ultimate expression of the human mind and he kept developing his theories for many years in Japan, sparking a revolution in diamond cutting.

S. Muller & Sons saw that these diamonds were revolutionary and the company sent a few polishers from Antwerp to Japan to learn more the EightStar, and our polishers eventually mastered the art of polishing this perfect diamond. To this day, S. Muller & Sons continues to work with Mr Tamura's vision of how a diamond should be cut - over 35 years later.


Please be in touch with us if you would like to purchase EightStars. They are not listed in our Online Stock list, but we carry a range of stock and we can also polish for special orders.

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