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Investing in Diamonds

In the last few years, many investors have turned to physical assets like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds as a safe heaven for large investment portfolios.

It's very easy to invest in precious metals like gold and silver, which have spot markets that are liquid and efficient.

Investing in diamonds requires significantly more expertise and research, since the diamond market is less liquid and less comoditized. But investors have payed top dollar for unique investment pieces like large D IF and colored diamonds, with record breaking auction results at Sotheby's and Christie's every year for the past five years.

Honest advice cannot be understated, and for investors looking at this investment option, we advise them to first get to know potential suppliers and try to get confortable with them. Transparency is another important thing to keep in mind - you want to get as much information as possible about the provenance of the diamond.

Be in touch with us if you are looking for some special investment diamonds. We carry exclusive large high value gems that are not listed in our Online Inventory system.


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