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Marketing & Diamonds

Until some 15 years ago, marketing in the diamond industry was almost exclusively done by De Beers, the dominant seller of rough diamonds at the time. As De Beers evolved, they started asking their clients to allocate resources for marketing and later this became a condition for buying from them.

De Beers' dominance in the rough diamond industry was greatly reduced in the past decade and today, they have stopped their traditional generic marketing initiatives for the diamond industry. Instead, they are promoting their own brands - Forevermark and De Beers Jewelers.

The diamond industry as a whole lost a lot of visibility as a result, and many blame this lack of generic marketing for the decline of the demand for diamonds in some markets around the world. Traditional consumer markets like the US continue strong but new potential markets are not emerging - and that has a negative impact for diamond companies looking to expand their client bases.

We at S. Muller & Sons believe in targeted marketing - we promote our famous diamond factory in select outlets like professional trade fairs and also for personalities visiting Antwerp's diamond district. We have partenered with Genesis, a marketing company from Antwerp, in re-designing our website, online stock and marketing strategies.

We have also collaborated with AWDC in finding ways to promote Antwerp manufacturers and in the upcoming year, there will be many new initiatives in this area. Antwerp remains an imporant manufacturing hub for imporant diamonds and S. Muller is comitted to continue promoting our factory and Master Cutters.

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