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Diamanti Frecce Cuori

Italy is traditionally a very strong market for diamonds, however in the last years much has changed there. The economy is in trouble, and people are becoming much more selective. One company decided to market Hearts and Arrows diamonds online, with competitive prices, covering all Italy. Diamanti Frecce Cuori markets Hearts & Arrows diamonds from Antwerp, and today it's one of the main diamond sellers in Italy. is a strategic partner of S. Muller & Sons and our exclusive vendor in Italy. Mr Falcone and Mrs Modugno have developed a dedicated platform that is modern, interactive and detailed, allowing clients to have a clear idea of the diamonds they are about to buy.

The major online retailers of diamonds are not actively present in Italy because the local market is very peculiar and inclined to buy local. Diamanti Frecce Cuori fills this void and is positioned as the country's premier online vendor of certified diamonds.

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