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Diamonds in Brazil

Brazil is one of the world's largest developing nations, and many jewelery companies have targeted this location as a possible rising consumer of luxury goods. However, the unstable economic climate and the difficulties of conducting an international business there have brought generally negative results for most brands. Taxation is bureocratic and burdensome, and the local middle-class is very price sensitive when it comes to jewels.

The local brands are the dominant force in the brazilian market, aming them H. Stern, Vivara and Antonio Bernardo. Each of these three companies have a very specific niche in the market, and there are of course many smaller jewelers who cater to their regional clients with little to no competition.

Some clients have started to do more research and look for online vendors offering more value and better prices. H&A Diamantes, which imports diamonds from Antwerp without an actual store, is one of the few sites betting that Brazil will start looking for alternative options for quality certified diamonds.

There are few information sites offering advice to buyers, although some blogs like "O Guia" remain somewhat popular.

Other up and coming designers keep popping in the local market and Brazil continues to grow and change from year to year. In remains one of the most difficult markets to operate in, with a large advantage for local jewelry companies.

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