H&A Diamonds

S. Muller & Sons was founded by Mr. Shulim Muller in 1955. Mr. Muller's love for quality, excellence and above all, his honesty and integrity, have made S. Muller & Sons what it is today. Mr. Shulim Muller led the company to achieve world wide acclaim as well as a sight from the DTC in 1964. Mr Shulim’s oldest son, Jean Claude, has brought tremendous success to the business through his uncompromising strive for perfection, understanding of diamonds and of course… his charm.

Today, the company is managed by the third generation, which have brought new ideas and have helped the business move forward in changing times.

S. Muller & Sons’ in-house diamond factory, one of the few that still remain in Antwerp, is home to many of the city’s most prized and experienced diamond polishers. S. Muller & Sons is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing and marketing of the now famous Hearts & Arrows Diamond. S. Muller and Sons’ involvement in Hearts & Arrows initiated with their relationship with Mr. Takanori Tamura, the inventor of the Eight-Star diamond. S. Muller & Sons started manufacturing this most perfect diamond for him and eventually went on to manufacturing its derivative, the Hearts & Arrows. S. Muller & Sons is still the only company endorsed by him to manufacture the Eight-Star diamond and continue to be his only manufacturers.

Our Hearts & Arrows is recognized by the connoisseurs as the most perfect Hearts & Arrows available. Loyal customers truly appreciate the S. Muller & Sons Hearts & Arrows and Eight-Star knowing that they are getting something authentic, a diamond, giving the maximum light reflection.